Pleasurable Imperfection

no one likes irregularity. neither do I. i have irregular hair. i have irregular thoughts. a friend of mine has irregular nose. my sister has irregular cell phone. my cousin has irregular teeth. no one likes irregularity. i wanted to write without hindrances. i wanted to sleep one night and wake up next day to be known as  like of Franz Kafka. i wanted to imagine. but i had irregular thoughts. no one likes irregularity. neither do i. i wrote one day. two pages, just two. only if ecstasy could stand strong. man of my stature would not resort to failure.i wrote therefore, but irregular things…….my favourite lines from books i have was pleasure to be imperfect, it has always been!


we all gazed back at the manor, as one watches distant smoke clouds and waits for the flames to appear.mortality is not the preserve of only the old. and in doing so we discovered that greatest lovers are not those who are blessed with constancy and sameness but those who never stop changing. Those with the gift of being different people at different times! empathy is not enough, we have to share the sacrifice in some fashion.we struggle to free ourselves from one prison only to submit ourselves to another. man is a restless being engrossed in his ideals to the point of forgetting everything else, capable of inflicting pain on himself in his ceaseless quest after fresh scopes for self are not who you see reflected in the mirror you are who you see shining in other men’s eyes. the world survives by those who have generosity of spirit  but is owned by those who have none. if your heart is not deceived by the mirage,be not proud of the sharpness of your understanding, for your freedom from this optical illusion is due to your imperfect thirst.The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry

11 thoughts on “Pleasurable Imperfection

  1. for some irregularity is not a choice just simple reality. “the world survives by those who have generosity of spirit but is owned by those who have none.” I concur.

  2. Interesting and ‘irregular’ post. Irregular punctuation too.. But I like what you’ve written. Especially the part about empathy not being enough, and the freedom from one prison leading to another.
    Have you read that quote which says happiness is not of attainment of a desire, but of being free of it, till another desire comes along?

    • no but I’ve read similar things, it is a good definition of happiness.
      but as I have seen the period of being free of a desire is not happiness, its restlessness, happiness comes exactly at the point appointment before and after it is restlessness, impatience, anxiety and probably aimlessness, exactly at the point of attainment is the intense form of happiness, the intensity gradually rises and then comes down. what do you think?
      and you came down to my first post too!

      • I disagree… I truly believe freedom from desires is happiness and utter peace… but I suppose it differs for people.
        Well yes, I was intrigued!

      • have you been happy in this way?
        I myself have only been contended after having done something. lack of desire, I doubt such possibility

      • I have, yes.
        Yeah, because after having done something, you’re of its desire naa. I agree with your point too . It’s a matter of perspective, really.

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