May you be the Groom

while driving around one day, dropping a cousin at her place this song came up on the stereo. she told me that she used to listen to Abida years ago in medical university all nights. she confessed she sometimes never understood a word but still listened and transcended to another peaceful world.
even i confess that i sometimes too am listening not getting a word but the tranquility prevails. Today is my mother’s birthday. when she loves me i see the lyrics of this song in her eyes. i have nothing to give back to her but ten thousand million prayers and a smile.
“Shal ghot thiyen” means “May you be the groom.” i wish i could understand the whole song. the lyrics are very captivating as the song moves on.

3 thoughts on “May you be the Groom

    • Yeah actually I have !!! yaar ko hum ne ja baja is my fav cuz wohi sab se zada samajh ata tha bachpan se !!! jab radio pe sunti thi

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