An Angry Page

i have a sister. i have four in fact. but one of them, that youngest one is very smart. she will get her work done from me by hook or by crook. one day her computer broke down and it didn’t start. she told me to get it fixed. i ignored her for days and made excuses. i had an exam to give within few days and i said i will fix it after that. she said okay but dare not forget about it that she will haunt me in my dreams. i ignored her deathly warning. she complained to our father and he told me to get it fixed, i said i will. she continued reminding me even before the exam. i was so irritated that i shouted on her. she was constantly bullying. i remembered William Carlos William’s short story “The use of force” and imagined how to implement that in current situation. at last the day came. i came home and she was there smiling like The Joker in Batman. “haa haa yaad aaa maakhey” (yes yes i remember it). i went to bed that night as i was very tired and mother stopped her from intruding my freedom. i went to work next day and came back late at night as i had to see someone after work. at home, i saw her in her bed, she gave me a beastly look and i smiled victoriously. but when i opened the lid of my laptop, i found a page. it looked as if the words were not written but shouted on it. it was a letter from my angry sister. i have not fixed the computer yet because laziness with a touch of revenge prevails. here is that letter:

Mr Safdar Sikandar……

you know what you are so mean,selfish, self-centred and this time you have betrayed me…..

you broke your promise and didn’t fulfil your given word to father. i prayed for you when you left for your exam but you don’t care at all..

but let me remind you mister that the result is not out yet and you still need prayers…

and don’t think i will forget everything like Ipa*, I will chase you till you fix the computer…..

Mind It!

*Ipa is the nick name of my other sister.

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