we are each other

we are each other

“i was once kidnapped. by none other than the aliens. they ate up my ear, just to taste human meat. (whats in a fking ear?)
well , i was not the only prisoner. the girl i was engaged to be married to was kidnapped too. together? yes together! they ate up her ear too. they said hers is tastier. and i said yes beacause my ears constantly listen to her noise. and when they had eaten both our ears, an old alien came and asked us, “who are you?”

“we are each other”, the fiancee said.

“don’t act dramatic fiancee, they will eat you!”, i shouted at her.

“i can’t hear you, i have no ears!”

“why didn’t you eat her tongue?”

they were impressed by her and made her their queen. then they introduced a new coin of alien money with this picture engraved on it.

that was me telling my grandson the story when he found the coin in my closet.

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