Don’t Imagine, Read!

Don't Imagine, Read!

“shooting at fake targets with feebles arms and bad eyesight is what life is all about”, said the painter.

“what if i make my arms strong and my eyesight sharp?”

“you can’t!”

“what should i do then?”

“find real targets!”

“where are they?”

“very near!”

“beyond those fake birds?”

“nearer than you can ever imagine!”

“i don’t imagine”

“then emphasize on the first word, READ!”

“have you?”

“No i just imagine!”

119 thoughts on “Don’t Imagine, Read!

      • I hadn’t complete the sentence because I hadn’t found quite the right word for the moment. Why would I take back my apology? I apologized because it would appear you are getting upset with my comments. I don’t even know why you are getting so upset, but that is not what I had intended and I found an apology to be in order.

  1. walking amongst raindrops, out of breath time and touch, out of…
    Now that you know, what of you?

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