no we cannot be one. no two brains can think alike. no minds can match. i cannot be you, you cannot be me. no matter how much you emphasize on the power of unity and togetherness, i cannot unite. differences? you think we can resolve our differences peacefully?let us not even talk about that. no two souls can be one. ultimate union is impossible my dear, just like absolute freedom. individuality is what prevails. you can convince me with your ideas, you can hypnotize me but you can never assimilate in existence of my soul, how can you expect me to? besides what can we do if just assuming we are unionized? can i, you or we do something more than we could do alone. we would not do any better. move that stone with our eyes ,can we? talk about union that powerful…….. but whatever the impossibility i like you and your eyes.

since before i loved you,
i dreamt of your eyes:
two slices of blue gulf
stripped along the horizon,
with a million years of rain.

i wanted them before i knew you,
i’m sure…..!


and then Ammi calmed down and stopped shouting at me. i heard her saying get lost to  A WALL i was leaning on. finally the deviations left me in my consciousness.

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