Tonight the moon is in shambles
on the rippling water that I break
with ill-placed pebbles. When things
grow twisted and gnarled and I am
not nearly as guilty as I should be,
I throw small things at big things
hoping to prove that it is possible
to be enveloped and the same.

6 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. So you are a poet ? really WHO is the person that made you a poet ????? 😛 and made you think so deeply !!! emotionally !! I mean … very good …. I myself write poetry but never ever showed it to ANYONE lol 😛

  2. no, not a poet. i want to say ‘poets are born, not made’ but i won’t.
    i think its time you should reveal your writings too.
    have you read ‘cigarettes’ and ‘the letter’?

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