on land of purest milk and softest snow

flows a river, foggy blue.

the sun is golden with a lustrous aureate glow

the vein on her hand and a ring very old

107 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. I keep re-reading this…for four short lines, its beautifully powerful in its essence. May be one of my all time favorites. I’m still mulling it around in my mind, a little thought bound.

    • sure just a reader, let me remember how that came into existence!
      yes, i was travelling in bus one day and i saw a girl, her face was veiled. one wandering sight caught her hand and thats it. she was not wearing a ring but i saw a blue vein! i modified it a little and thats it!

  2. when i explained, why there was a ring, you said ‘whatt izz itt yuu noe and ven vill aneething you doo mattterrr’ i felt i am being bullied but i have been wrong before!

  3. Perhaps your friend knows you better than I do. I don’t know what exactly was going on inside your head when it was happening or when you wrote about it. If you were lusting over a blue vein on a bus…

  4. Wow. Really… Also, it doesn’t seem perverse to me. Just… I guess some people notice such stuff, that others wouldn’t pay mind to. They’re often misunderstood too, unfortunately.
    And.. interesting conversations up there.

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