how outlandish the sufferings appear

when ebbed away with waves of time

and my lips form a victorious sneer

and from my heart rises a usual crime

of highly pleasing pride and conceit

no matter how dysphoric the hardship

the triumph is pure, true and sweet

like the judgement of a blind man

who hears, smells,feels,understands

untouched by enchanting evil of the sight

52 thoughts on “Conquest

  1. beautiful… i love the way u weave a message through your words… the comparison with the blind mans sense of judgement is gr8
    always hungry 4 inspiration i m … and find it here in bulk ..

    thanx 4 ur comment have replied u there 🙂

  2. very beautifully woven! it happens to stir the chords of my heart and overwhelm me! u write really well.

    thanks a lot for ur comment on my blog, it was so nice to see someone of my profession(indeed far ahead of me) to be blogging such compositions! i really wished to find someone from this field! now i have )
    and Sir Fahd…….i need no words to explain my looking upto him!

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