how can you expect me to love you when i cannot even love myself, the look i see in your eyes is unaware of the disastrous hate which i find in razor sharp lines of my eye, the union is impossible like that of innocence and savagery in a man at the same time, by begging me for my love for you , you are not just humiliating yourself but also humiliating me in my own eyes yet again, i shall only love you when i start loving myself

everything in this universe is in a ceaseless endeavour to be something better than it already is, you are no different, why do you think so lowly of yourself i cannot understand, to love others you don’t have to love yourself , my love for you is beyond your self-hatred, allow me to exchange my soul with your soul for a day and let my soul live in your body and let it communicate to you all that is good in you which you have not seen in the shadows of the imaginary defects , what you seek is perfection, an attribute very alien to human beings, you are just over-conscious




in the world of hearts,

a dream flutters its wings,

innocent desires spin new webs,

wilting roses kiss the fringes of life,

murmuring secrets silence deep regrets,

mystical love pervades the untouched soul,

running tears cascade through forbidden lands,

rotten insides embrace the sprouting spring,

vacant thoughts buzz with commotion,

felicity suffocates apprehension,

faith fortifies intention,

and evades all fears,

to welcome home,

a new life!!!

yet again! could not help sharing this. taken from here.  i must write something myself soon.


Let us violate all rules,

jump over the moon

and play with the stars,

alight a bubble of air,

and escape the tentacles of fate,

kiss the timid drops of dew,

and starve the mighty malicious sun,

twist and twirl the wayward clouds,

and brush misty contours in the sky,

intrude the world of deep oceans,

and stitch conspiracies all anew,

cajole the night into a deep slumber,

to betray the awaiting innocent moon,

Entice the intransigent tides,

to divorce the dreary shores.

Let us for once,

drink the air and breathe the rain,

live the dream and dream the real.

Let us,

just for once,

escape the precincts of timeā€¦!

This was shamelessly stolen from this place

A Sea-Tale

On the wide canvas of the sea, there sits shining vividly a tale, brewed perfectly by the blazing sun, waiting to be heard and felt as the good world grows grey.


The waters touch the shore, hold it for a fraction of second and disassociate quickly. Sometimes succumbing to their innate ferociousness, the waves invade the shore completely, establish supremacy, leave their indelible imprints and retreat. The poor shore, on the receiving end, is left to feel, reflect and pretend indifference while being affected all the time. This short rabid association repeats a million times over, but never for once becomes an old tale. Never is the repeatedly sung mysterious sea-song discarded, never do the waves tire buffeting the massive cliffs, never does the land end up surrendering, the game never stops. One blatant and deafeningly loud in expressing grief and ecstasy, the other subtle and calm in absorbing all that is so carelessly flung across its way. Pain there is on either side but to fathom the intensity, is well beyond human intellect. To think of one as arbitrary and perceive the other is erroneous thus.

Some inexplicable mysteries as these are perhaps meant for us to see how unknown much of our discovered territory still is. Harsh, uncertain, ugly but still loved, is life. Certain, serene, concluding, resolving but still loathed, is death. We may be the sea or the shore but a stop to this game there never has been. Human nature like the sea-tale is perplexing, deep but enchanting. We complete our journeys, loving our existence while all the time scorning the terrain we are meant to undertake. We may or may not have a rationale stitched on our sleeves all this while. But all through our stay in this animate world, in the midst of the rampant sorrow and ugliness, beauty, ceaselessly escapes through every whirl we un-whirl…. joy screams out of every fold while love noiselessly pours through every vein and life smiles on and on till death seals all with its bewitching kiss. A new world begins to see sensuality crumbling at the feet of spirituality!! The sea, but never quietens and neither does the LIFE!!!!!!


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