is it hard to keep an emotion in the heart

and not reveal it to people who part?

all i wanted was to tell you the truth!

the last thing i dream to hear is the truth

i cannot give you what you deserve

i never wanted what i deserve

the seeds which you had sown long ago

do not rob me of their fruit, the hope

all because you have known your self?

because you think i cannot cope?

my bond with you is stronger than all cages

than the grip of an old soul’s hand, fearful to depart

and its shatter will haunt you for ages

and you will wish to come back to the start!

if time has made your love weak

it has made my love strong

i remember that as only a biological event

at your sight, that rush of blood to my cheek

to you i had always wanted to belong

one last question you must answer clearly

does an emotion really matter when its

last trace has vanished from human memory?

11-11-12        18:10

5 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. I can relate to this piece. Especially love, as a biological event, that’s true and yet we feel more afterwards, as it becomes woven into the fabric of our being.
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