Discourse II

How do you think about me?

What sort of a question is that? You are a physician you should know more of how a patient’s thought procedure works. Besides keep these questions to your hospitals please, will you?

No, no, I was asking , like generally what do you think of me, when you call me and say you miss me, what are you thinking about, what feature,what memory reminds you of me?

Things like last night’s so well cooked meal!

I was tired okay. I forgot the salt.

You want me to be a poet and brag your beauty?

Yes, be a poet!

Some other day may be but i want to tell you something. Something strange that has happened before as well. remember the other day i called you at night. that moment a thought crossed my mind.

What was it about?

It was about you. It was a like a part of brain that is responsible for remembering people


Whatever it is! thank you! that is responsible for remembering people has remembered you for the first time. as if you were a bit of some matter flying in space of that part and captured you but didn’t recognize you. i don’t know how to put this in words. as if your existence just came out of a dark oblivion like a very shiny diamond.  and i was thinking who are you!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.


I promise I’ll cook better meals. Ha Ha Ha


You should see a doctor

I see one on a daily basis.

Get me my shirt!

Get me my cigarettes!

Smoke me instead!

Wear me instead!

13 thoughts on “Discourse II

  1. Well, thank you for landing in my sphere – through which I have found yours now!
    I totally relished the duality in your poem – something I am often accused of in my own writings. I say ‘accused’ with great pride as absurdism is the saving grace in an often banal world! lol.
    Besides, you sure have a knack for writing! Brava.

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