The following is in Sindhi, my mother tongue. I couldn’t type it in the original language. Sindhi is  similar to Urdu in lot of ways.

uthu, oonwein hee jaag maahnje ander,

jiyen hik kaari raat mein toofani samandar

ayen mudhraye maakhe pehnjee dil jo awaaz,

nazrun ka likyal hik purasraar saaz

faash thayarn laye tayaar hik raaz

bechain aahyaan maan

bey-maaini maahnja alfaz

uthu thee wanyu sijj waangur namood

ayen roshan kare chadye maahnjo wujood



I am sorry , I am too lazy to translate it. People who understand Urdu may not have much problem though.

7 thoughts on “Rise

  1. I studied Sindhi in primary school. All I remember now are two poems that we learnt by heart then, and a few phrases like ‘hiye bholro aahay’ =P

    • ahh too bad. I propose you to study sindhi. its a very promising language. research indicates that in next 125 years one out of every 5 poets(esses) will have sindhi as their primary thinking language. you can start right now by reading alphabets.

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