Parables and Examples

If you open the Quran and navigate your eyes and fingers to chapter 24 and verse 35, you will be reading very beautiful words of the Creator. This specific verse is called ‘The Light Verse’. To recite the verse in Arabic is a treat for speech and ears.  The chapter is entitled ‘An-nur’ , that is ‘The Light’.



This verse has been explored by many scholars in the past and I have seen some books written specially over this verse’s heuristics and significance. It has been interpreted very extensively. One such book is called ‘Mishkat-al-Anwaar’ , that is ‘The Niche for Lights’ written by Imam Al-Ghazali. I read it few months ago and found it to be yet another example of Al-Ghazali’s amazing abilities. The book is divided into three parts, first one being the longest. Every time, I read this book, a gust of wind blazes the silently burning coals of faith. I try to read certain paragraphs before the daily prayers to establish concentration in state of prayers. Allah has guided us in Quran by giving examples and comparisons at various places. I do not know of all such instances but here is another example from this chapter:


and another one, this verse also from Surah An-Nur is also included in Al-Ghazali’s above mentioned book:


Another beautiful verse from 59th chapter called Surah Al-Hashr contains a wonderful example that Allah has presented to the people:



May Allah help me, you and every human being give thoughts to these great  examples.

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