On Repentance

There is something about repentance that I don’t understand. But before I confess have a look at this wonderful symbol:




and this:





Did you see that Our Lord has decreed upon Himself mercy?

In his translation and commentary on Quran, Muhammad Asad has stated in the explanation to 6:12 :

The expression ‘God has willed upon Himself as a law’ (kataba ala nafsihi) occurs in the Qur’an only twice – here and in verse 54 of this surah – and in both instances with reference to His grace and mercy (rahmah); none of the other divine attributes has been similarly described……….

Can you imagine that?

So I have noticed that sometimes when we repent we seek some sort of satisfaction after committing a sin  and we go on repenting till we are satisfied. But we are satisfied very easily, at least I am , I confess. Does that mean that I am just regretting an act until I forgive myself? Is me forgiving myself a limit of the repentance? Is this repentance a true repentance?  Why do I get satisfied as soon as I forgive myself?

I think I am wrong and one should continually repent, not just to the extent of satisfying  himself/herself, feel the sense of guilt lingering onto one continually.

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