He was conceived in the month of January, in year one thousand nine hundred and ninety in the city by the river Indus. His parents’ first-born. When people came to see him, they told his mother that he looked like his father, his mother smiled and looked at him with immense joy. She remembered how she had prayed for a son on the day when her husband took her to have a view of the river where she saw a husband and wife with their two sons riding on a motor-cycle. It had not mattered before; she would have been happy with a daughter. But then she wanted a son, she could not know why and often thought about the origin of human wishes. Her marriage was arranged and she had only seen her husband two or three times before their conjugal. Now she loved him. She didn’t know what love was. It was bliss. His presence made her happy. Is that love? When their son was born, she loved him even more and thanked God in all her prayers.

They took their son to look at the flowing river. The setting sun was drowning in it. She remembered distinctly the first time she had wished for a son and instantly she thanked God again. His rosy cheeks and his laughter gave eternal joy to his mother. His wonderful black eyes, even his cries were a source of great happiness. She put her finger in his little hands , his soft grasp made her laugh. How tiny his hands are, she thought. She listened to his heartbeat and small drops of tears formed in her eyes. His little heart beat so beautifully, what is more melodious than a beating heart, she asked him. Every beat is a twinkle of the farthest star. Millions of hearts beat in the sky and even more on earth.

‘May your heart beat as long as the clock ticks, till all the rivers fall in the seas, till the earth is tired of its rotations, may your heart beat!’, she whispered in his soft little ears and wept euphorically.

Her life was complete.










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