Iqbal To The Night

mein terey chaand ki kheti mein guhr bota hun

chup key insaanon sey maanind-e-sehr rota hun

din ki shoorish mein nikaltey huay ghabraatey hain

uzlat-e-shab mein meray ashk tapak jaatey hain

mujh mein faryaad jo pinhaan hai, sunaaon kis ko

tapish-e-shoq ka nazzara dikaoun kis ko

barq-e-aiman merey seenay pe pari roti hai

daikhnay wali hai jo aankh, kahan soti hai!

sifat-e-shama-lehad murda hai mehfil meri

ah!, aey raat baro door hai manzil meri

ahd-e-haazir ki hawa raaas nahin hai iss ko

apney nuqsaan ka ehsaas nahin hai iss ko

zabt-e-paigham-e-muhabbat sey jo ghabrata hun

terey taabinda sitaron ko suna jata hun







Iqbal died on 21st April 1938 at his home in Lahore. He is the national poet of Pakistan. He wrote approximately 12,000 lines of verse of which more than half is in Persian. I wish to thank God of for giving us Iqbal. His works have inspired me more than any other writer.  In one of his books called ‘Baang-e-Daraa’, there is a poem called ‘Khuftgaan-e-Khaak se Istafsaar’ (loosely in English, An Interrogation of  the  Dead) , today or on any other day , I wish to stand beside his grave and read it and weep a little.





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