The problem with memory is that it doesn’t remember every event or a person distinctly except those who are connected to us emotionally. There used to be a king in past times somewhere near Ferangabad. He had great influence over his people. He had a singular problem. His life was purposeless in peace times, he thought so to give his life a purpose he waged war over neighbouring countries, justifying his acts by proving that the nation is united in war. In peace he was bored terribly. In situations of conflict we exert our forces in the direction rightly suited for the purpose. But when the seas are calm, we drift aimlessly in all directions. Questions are born, ‘what next?’, ‘Ab aagay?’, ‘Unha kaan po?’

One may have the idea that to create artificial conflicts one can know about their capabilities to fulfil an aim. One conflict ends, another begins, and their endings and beginnings are faded, another ends , another begins. This chain of creation and fulfilment goes on till one dies, when no question of purpose arises!

Imagine you create an artificial conflicts but as soon as you have you know that you’ll be able to go through it. The idea of creating and resolving conflicts again and again is erroneous. The sense of purposefulness is fake, imaginary.  You are always back to square one. Only that you’ve created  a mirage and you tell yourself that it’s real, when you know it’s not. It is like planting orange seeds in earth and then telling yourself that apples will grow. Is any system predisposed to fall in a state of conflict? Is any human so? or is it his own hand? 

Conflicts are gravitational pulls of the human planet, a planet made of human clay.