Saturday: Woke up after a wonderful sleep except a bad dream some minutes before waking up. What is this stuff dreams are made of. A parallel consciousness. The sleep totally devoid of dreams is almost death. Is resurrection like waking up from such dreams? That is yet to be seen. ‘Woh din ke jis ka wada hai , hum daikhen gey’

Monday: Woke up early before 8. I say don’t use the word early unless you wake up for fajr. If you could look at my picture on the passport, I bet the first word that comes to your mind would be : Taliban. But I look more like young Stalin with beard. Unkempt hair, beards thanks to the immaculate conditions at the passport office. Does it matter? I am sure airport authorities would take me for interrogation to a separate room. Heat was too much though. No philosophical thought.

Tuesday: Read History of Western Philosophy by B.Russell. Read about the concept of change and eternity last night. Do I correctly understand the concept of deductive reasoning? Is it an inherent ability in the humans? Why did Russell say that the Greeks invented deductive reasoning? Somebody said old fathers should sometimes distribute their land during their life so their sons, if in difficulties could find some ease.  How strange is the hadith that munafiqs skip fajr and ishaa. Check the source of hadith. It sounds a profound psychological statement. Why only two prayers are said to be representative of such a hated state of faith. I should look into deeper senses influence lives of faithfuls and munafiqs. The moon is beautiful tonight. Not full, a day or two short but white. It gets pale when full.

Wednesday: Life seemed a combination of memories and aspirations. Strange eroticism haunts my mind. All prayers seem mere movements of body. No important work at firm. I find shoulders difficult to put to exercise at the gym. The rustling of leaves is the most mysterious sound wind produces like when it passes through slightly unclosed windows.

Thursday: Why after only 3 months of September attacks the US Congress designated 11 September as the Patriot’s day, why so soon?

Friday: Very defiant and rebellious and inwardly yearning to break some law.









5 thoughts on “Days

  1. That hadith about hypocrites missing Ishaa and Fajar? It’s a Sahih hadith. The way I remember, it as about these prayers being “heavy” on them. Esp in jamaat. And yes, there’s good reason there.

  2. Have you heard of Islamic Psychology? It has developed into a whole branch now…
    This stream of consciousness type writing intrigues me. Virginia Woolf did it awfully. Congratulations, you kept me interested.
    On another note, which law are you planning to break?

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