A Superstitious Auditor



On way to work a black cat passed me by
With a tail half cut and a mirthless eye

No flatty, no traffuck, no treachery from my horse
No sharp stinging sun, no thoughts morose and gross

No signal running tickets from the filthy tullas
No embarrassing fatwas from the zealous mullahs

No mumble, no tremble, a smooth presentation
No hiccups, no screw-ups, no loose perspiration

No moodswings in the bosses, none in the cooks
All debits, all credits, perfectly in the books

No excuses from trainees, no fly in the tea
No deadlines, no headlines, a blooming orange tree

A day well spent, I came out a happy guy
When a bird shit on me from the smirking sky

*The Man in the Bowler Hat ~ Rene Magritte

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