In the mirror today


Hassan Dars


3 thoughts on “In the mirror today

    • in the mirror today

      i looked at myself in the mirror
      i had doubts so
      i looked again closely
      i became certain
      this is the same person
      who late one night
      met me in the dark
      asked me for a light
      asked for a cigarette
      suddenly took out a dagger
      pushed it at my chest
      robbed me of whatever i had
      belittled me with
      one traditional swear
      attacked with the dagger
      lifted his hand and
      ripped my guts open
      pulled out the heart
      put it in his pocket.
      I was lying there and
      he went away.
      today in the mirror
      he is standing before me
      and in the pocket of his shirt
      my heart beats
      without any chest

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